Find your hygge

Embrace your own personal cosy space

We all need a 'hygge' sometimes

Hygge [hyoo·guh] is a Danish word for a special kind of coziness, where being content, comfortable, warm and secure is key.

With the weather turning colder, the nights getting darker, and so much negativity and uncertainty going on in the world, there's never been a more important time to find your sense of 'hygge' and embrace your own personal cosy space.

Find your hygge

Hygge isn't just about snuggling up under a blanket (though it certainly is a big part of it!). It's about finding a sense of calm and comfort.

This could be by creating a peaceful and warm place in your home through candles and decorations. Maybe it's getting out the 'big jumper' to cuddle up in, or dressing the house in twinkling festive decorations as early as possible.

For some people it's as simple as finding time for yourself as the busy holiday season starts to ramp up.

Cozy up and go hands-free

We all know the PopGrip helps you phone better by giving you a better grip on your phone for texting and taking selfies. But when you're cosied up under some covers and trying to relax, there's nothing better than going 'hands-free' and standing your phone when catching up on videos.

When you do need to hold your device, nothing can shatter your sense of hygge more than a phone drop on the face while laying on the sofa. Thanks to the PopGrip you can stop the drop with a firm grasp and maintain your calming relaxation.

Or why not elevate your viewing further and use one of our PopMounts for maximum comfort.

Festive spirit

If your sense of hygge comes from getting into the festive spirit, then swap your PopTop for one of our seasonal selection, or show your creative side and design your very own - from MagSafe PopGrips to PopWallets we've got you covered.

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