Thank God It's Monday

Thank God It's Monday!

Mondays. They keep on coming. Straight after living it up over the weekend, there they are again - back to school, back to work, back to day one of the week.

But at PopSockets we think Mondays have got a bad reputation.

Introducing #TGIM

Thank God It’s Monday: a fresh perspective on a universally dreaded day.

Just because the weekend is over, doesn’t mean the good times have to stop, right?

We’re on a quest to shake up Mondays and take them from GlumDays to FunDays.


We see Mondays as a chance to start a new week with positive vibes.

To wipe the slate clean and face challenges head-on. To kick things off with the right mindset, a renewed enthusiasm, and a fresh energy - the day to ignite your week in the best possible way.

Don't get us wrong

Mondays are always going to bring issues, obstacles and the usual ‘life stuff’. But by approaching them with a positive attitude (and a good sense of humour), we can knock any problems out of the park.

So join us! Help us reclaim Mondays and make them great by sharing your best tips and routines to kick-starting your week. Or if your approach is to ignore Mondays as much as possible, share your secrets to surviving the day.

TGIF? Nope! #TGIM!

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